Authlogics has announced the latest enhancements to its dynamic Password Security Management (PSM) product. The new features will help enterprises ‘level up’ their password policies in order to ensure heightened security. Instead of traditional costly policies which encourage users to change their passwords at regular intervals, PSM will bridge the gap between a fixed expiry date and the NIST guidance to never expire by allowing for a sliding scale. Simply put, the longer a password is, the longer it can be kept for. If it is long enough, the password may never expire.

The way the product works is that an administrator can configure multiple “zones” based on length of time and number of minimum characters as needed. When a user changes their password, a simple meter is displayed showing the user how long they can keep their password for as they type in real time. In addition, Authlogics PSM allows a user to use both traditional “complex” passwords as well as passphrases at the same time by applying a different set of rules for each.

Another new factor will allow PSM to monitor for dormant Active Directory and MFA accounts. Daily alerts let users know which accounts have not been used within a specified number of days, and the account can also be automatically disabled to eliminate risk. What’s more is, service accounts are catered for and can be entirely excluded from alerts & remediation as needed.

“These changes will significantly build on our Password Security Management product offering, helping to empower our customers, their users and employees to seize control of the passwords present in their organisations” said Steven Hope, CEO at Authlogics. “Poor password security management is at the heart of a majority of data breaches and other security incidents, including the recent Colonial Pipeline ransomware incident in the US. Understanding the challenge of passwords and responding accordingly should be a top priority for the modern enterprise, and we believe our products can be the necessary tools with which to do that.”

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