I didn’t execute the APK, but rather put it through VirusTotal first. At no point was the APK ever executed by me, and the moment I saw the VirusTotal results, I put it in the Trash and Emptied it. (macOS Catalina 10.15.7)


I ran 4 smart scans + 1/2 deep scan with Avast (Free) and no files were marked as harmful (all were scanned). I only completed 1/2 of the deep scan due to the tremendous amount of stress it put on my computer and realizing Avast’s data selling practices aren’t optimal.

I also ran 1/4th of a quick scan Bitdefender on Mac (Free Trial Version) and no files were marked as harmful (all were scanned). The reason why only about 1/4th, maybe 1/3rd, we’re scanned is due to the defender getting stuck scanning.


– For anyone wondering how I “accidentally” downloaded a file, I was browsing around and may have clicked the download button without realizing it, but I very quickly noticed that an installation had finished and ran it through VirusTotal.


So, the important question of the day, how well am I able to rest tonight?

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