Manufacturer Usage Description (MUD) is an Internet Engineering Task Force
(IETF) standard designed to protect IoT devices and networks by creating an
out-of-the-box access control list for an IoT device. %The protocol defines a
conceptually straightforward method to implement an isolation-based defensive
mechanism based on the rules that are introduced by the manufacturer of the
device. However, in practice, the access control list of each device is defined
in its MUD-File and may contain possibly hundreds of access control rules. As a
result, reading and validating these files is a challenge; and determining how
multiple IoT devices interact is difficult for the developer and infeasible for
the consumer. To address this we introduce the MUD-Visualizer to provide a
visualization of any number of MUD-Files. MUD-Visualizer is designed to enable
developers to produce correct MUD-Files by providing format correction,
integrating them with other MUD-Files, and identifying conflicts through
visualization. MUD-Visualizer is scalable and its core task is to merge and
illustrate ACEs for multiple devices; both within and beyond the local area
network. MUD-Visualizer is made publicly available and can be found on GitHub.

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