I am trying to download an authenticator from my college so I can do my online homework yet every time I download it, Kaspersky Free detects it as a malicious program when it is NOT. It just allows me to connect to my school network from home to access class resources.

It detects the file as a “not a virus” type of threat and the latest version of Kaspersky free ONLY gives a report on removed file and DOES NOT give ANY option to restore it, report as false positive, allow the file, or add it to trusted files.

All of those things I could do in an older version of Kaspersky but the latest version DOES NOT allow that. I checked ALL settings, there is absolutely nothing in the wake of restoring the file, reporting it as false positive, or allowing the file to run.

The file came right from my History of Animation, Film, and Gaming teacher and was sent to my .edu email so I know that it is 100% safe.

I cannot double click or click where Kaspersky said that the file was deleted, and right clicking only gives me “copy to clipboard” it DOES NOT give me an “allow” like it used to

I tried adding the file to exclusions, I also tried disabling Kaspersky but despite the fact that the file IS added to exclusions from all types of scans, AND Kaspersky IS disabled, Kaspersky is STILL removing the file calling it a threat when it is DEFINITELY NOT

What do I do here?

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