So a buddy recently told me about MoviePoster app, and I naturally checked it out. I instilled the LTS version and scanned using Kaspersky, no malware found. It worked flawlessly but I needed the dev version so I downloaded that. It does not have an installer for dev, just an exe and all the program files in a folder. When I ran and closed it Kaspersky started complaining about Trojan activity (which it didn’t do with LTS). Then it deleted the .exe file for the app and restarted my computer. I’m pretty sure this app isn’t malware but then again I didn’t write it. Does Kaspersky get stuff like that wrong when running .exe files or is the app really malware?

Update: I reinstalled the version with an installer and after closing it Kaspersky complained (which it DIDN’T do the first time I installed). The only thing I changed on the system since then is I’ve installed Malwarebytes. Is this the result of a collision?

Btw when Kaspersky scans the folder (both dev and LTS version) when it’s not running it says no threats detected.

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