Human-Following Utility Trailer
Human-Following Utility Trailerdesigned and built it as a final project at the Agrilab FabAcademy at the University UniLasalle Polytechnique in northern France. He took the idea from concept to fruition in six weeks.

You can watch the final result in this short video, and see the trailer following him around the farm. In this version, the leader has to wear a red shirt to be properly tracked, but future versions can be made to track a variety of wardrobes. This project was a great learning experience, and could also be a great baseline for future cart-like robots. Do you have any ideas for expanding this design? [Théo] has already mentioned he wants more powerful motors. And if you are into this genre, check out this motorized 3000 W electric wheelbarrow we wrote about a few years ago or radio controlled electric wheelbarrow racing from 2019 (what could possibly go wrong with that?). Thanks to FabAcademy instructor [Luc Hanneuse] for sending in this tip.

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