Gamification and Serious Games are progressively being used over a host of
fields, particularly to support education. Such games provide a new way to
engage students with content and can complement more traditional approaches to
learning. This article proposes SherLOCKED, a new serious game created in the
style of a 2D top-down puzzle adventure. The game is situated in the context of
an undergraduate cyber security course, and is used to consolidate students’
knowledge of foundational security concepts (e.g. the CIA triad, security
threats and attacks and risk management). SherLOCKED was built based on a
review of existing serious games and a study of common gamification principles.
It was subsequently implemented within an undergraduate course, and evaluated
with 112 students. We found the game to be an effective, attractive and fun
solution for allowing further engagement with content that students were
introduced to during lectures. This research lends additional evidence to the
use of serious games in supporting learning about cyber security.

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