Several encryption proposals for DNS have been presented since 2016, but
their adoption was not comprehensively studied yet. This research measured the
current adoption of DoH (DNS over HTTPS), DoT (DNS over TLS), and DoQ (DNS over
QUIC) for five months at the beginning of 2021 by three different organizations
with global coverage. By comparing the total values, amount of requests per
user, and the seasonality of the traffic, it was possible to obtain the current
adoption trends. Moreover, we actively scanned the Internet for still-unknown
working DoH servers and we compared them with a novel curated list of
well-known DoH servers. We conclude that despite growing in 2020, during the
first five months of 2021 there was statistically significant evidence that the
average amount of Internet traffic for DoH, DoT and DoQ remained stationary.
However, we found that the amount of, still unknown and ready to use, DoH
servers grew 4 times. These measurements suggest that even though the amount of
encrypted DNS is currently not growing, there may probably be more connections
soon to those unknown DoH servers for benign and malicious purposes.

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