<div>Why Smartphone Cameras Struggle To Capture San Francisco’s Orange Sky</div>
The apocalyptic orange sky in San Francisco Wednesday was the talk of the town — and well beyond. However, many people found their efforts to capture the surreal images stymied, as their iPhones “corrected” the smoke-filled sky to a more natural hue. Axios reports: Smartphone cameras do a great job in many situations thanks to software that automatically tries to improve a shot’s composition, focus, and settings like white and color balance. But those adjustments can also get in the way of capturing what’s unique about some of life’s most vivid images. After waking up to the orange sky, I first tried to shoot out my back door, but found my iPhone was adjusting the sky to a much more common gray. On social media, I saw lots of others having the same experience with both still and video coming from their phones. In all cases I used the device’s default settings. Bloomberg reporter Sarah Frier said she used the app Halide to avoid the iPhone’s color correction. Halide, aware that many people were using the app yesterday to take photos of the orange skies, says: “It feels wrong to benefit from this, so we are donating yesterday’s sales to our local Wildfire Relief Fund.”

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